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Shin Yong - positive energy

Shin Yong - positive energy

It began with Feng Shui it goes on with Shin Yong. Shin Yong is based on the conviction that flowers and plants are more than only pure decoration elements.
Energies which improve the well-being of the people come from flowers and plants. The energy being inherent in all flowers and plants seems harmonizing and reviving.
What would be a room without plants? Plants let seems rooms harmoniously and produce positive energies, the Chi.

The right flower or plant at the right place can have a positive effect on all areas of the life. This knowledge is the basis for Shin Yong - a method which was developed by Dr. Gabriele Weimann in cooperation with the ' profile floral '- team. Shin Yong makes possible recognizing the different radiation of plants and using profitably- for more quality of life. Positive energy- the Chi- is the central strength in the Asian tradition of the Feng-Shui. If it can flow unhinderedly, it promotes balance, harmony, health and success.

Important is to use the energy potentials of the respective plants profitably because every plant bears a certain energy pattern into itself, in accordance with the 5 elements. The five elements are a basic order system in the Asian philosophy. These are: Wood, fire, earth, metal and water. They are not in any ranking. All elements are equally well, strong and important and influence the people in the same way. A positive or negative effect of the elements develops into dependence of it, though, in which combination they appear. There is a cycle of the beneficial, productive and one of the destroying, destructive combinations.

The beneficial cycle shows how the five elements support themselves. One can symbolically remember the circulation by imagining how wood burns in the fire to ash which combines with the earth of which metal is won which one can melt and then flows like water which is necessary to let grow the wood again. This circulation is infinite. The destroying circulation is generally represented stellately: The wood withdraws the earth the nursing strength, the earth soils the water, which deletes the fire and the fire melts metal which cuts the wood.

The five elements permanently react with each other. They are dependent on each other both in productive and in a destructive connection. Besides building up and destroying the elements also work stabilizing (in the element area of one's own) and weakening (contrary to the clockwise) on each other. Is valid basically, that all elements should be available for a harmonious result and a little bit of fire mustn't be missing so that success adapts. Where an element is unsuitable or is missing, disharmony and problems appear. The five elements correspond with the directions: There is wood in the east and southeast, fire in the south, earth in the southwest, in the centre and in the northeast, metal in the west and northwest, water in the north.

What does this mean for plants now?
Only who knows to use the energy of flowers and plants correctly, can influence himself and its environment positively. So the Chi can be controled to cause harmony.

The assignment of plants after the 5 elements:

plants with leaves, which taper, reddish leaves. Pointed triangular forms, sensual colours, primarily red tones, shiny ceramic and wood vessels are typically for the element fire.

plants with cuddle charakter, soft till heart-shaped leaves, square, compact round forms and warm tones.

plants with variegated, thick till leathery leaves, bright colours to silver and white, shiny surfaces, rounded forms, nature accessories like mussels.

plants with water forms, fizzy or draining away growth, blue till black, metal, glass, shiny surfaces.

Upcoming growing plants, a climbing growth, natural fibres like sisal, cork, basket, colours made of the green area, clay or ceramic.


  • Plants which are put on the left and on the right of the entrance can take over door guardian function and greet residents and guests.

  • Door wreaths conduct the Chi into the house and protects with its round form in front of negative energies.

  • Important for the choice of the plant is the direction to which rejects the entrance. Depending on direction the energy of a certain element prevails.

  • The right choice of the colours, forms, accessories and plants the energy becomes stabilized and promoted. Materials which are only fresh and adapted to the season bring the Chi into the inside.

  • Every living quarter is assigned to an element which is supported by a corresponding design and promotes such certain life wishes.

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