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Spa Hotels Rhineland-Palatinate

Rhineland-Palatinate waits for its visitors with nine regions. Each of these regions is unique. The tourist infrastructure is improved well with a hotel business which does justice to all claims. The Eifel arisen by volcanism offers interesting leisure amenities and by its idyllic situation an excellent contact point for all relaxation seekers.

The Palatinate, the region in Germany in which figs and orange trees grow, also is described as the Tuscany of Germany. In the “Naheland” you are enchanted with Riesling and Burgundy, precious stones and brilliants and an idyll of nature. Relaxing is high in the course in the “Naheland” since always. Well-known medicinal baths are Bad Kreuznach or Bad Sobernheim. Bad Sobernheim is noted for its Felke health cure after parish priest Emanuel Felke. Due to the variety of the wine cultivable areas one meets in the Spa hotels in Rhineland-Palatinate excessively strongly on the Vinotherapy.
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