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Portugal, one of the oldest countries of Europe, is located in the southwest of the Iberian peninsula and consists of a varied nature variety. The Portuguese culture was marked by several peoples and offers the most different discovery tours so.

The Algarve known for his lovely coast or the Azores for their magnificent nature or Madeira, the spring island: Cliffy rocks and vegetation pure. One finds flowers and trees with flowers to every season, therefore one also describes Madeira as the spring island. Aloe Vera and other exotic plants
were used as medicinal plants in Madeira all times.

The temperatures are the whole year almost constantly at 15 to 25 degrees. Pleasantly temperatured rainfalls happen throughout the whole year. Due to the mild, constant climate and the rugged landscape Madeira lures primarily walking tourists. But Madeira is also the ideal destination for sport enthusiasts, divers and diversion seekers. Madeira stands out due to an exclusive hotel business with special Spa offers.
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It began with Feng Shui it goes on with Shin Yong. Shin Yong is based on the conviction that flowers and plants are more than only pure decoration elements.

Energies which improve the well-being of the people come from flowers and plants. What would be a room without plants? Plants let seems rooms harmoniously and produce positive energies, the Chi.
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