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Greece is called history because one discovers everywhere remains of ancient past. Akropolis, Olympia- the birthplace of the Olympic Games and Delphi for calling a few names. Nowadays education travellers are, however, a rareness because Greece with its whitewashed houses.

Its 2000 islands, its unspeakable blue of the sea and also very rising mountain massif lure also nature- and bathing tourists. In Greece- where the word "Thalasso" = sea has its origin, Spa hotels let revive the magic of the original meaning. The supply of applications is very versatile.
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Shin Yong - positive energy

It began with Feng Shui it goes on with Shin Yong. Shin Yong is based on the conviction that flowers and plants are more than only pure decoration elements.

Energies which improve the well-being of the people come from flowers and plants. What would be a room without plants? Plants let seems rooms harmoniously and produce positive energies, the Chi.
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